I bring 35 years of combined real estate experience to Georgina, 20 years as a real estate paralegal and 15 years as an award-winning real estate agent. I build my clientele by focusing on building long term relationships and representing my clients with excellence, professionalism and honesty, always working for your best interest.

My core values are:

Honesty: Honesty is not just the best policy but my only policy in all of my dealings and with all parties.

Diligence: Providing diligent and prompt service to all of my customers and clients.

Excellence & Quality: Every task or service is performed with excellence as well as the highest possible quality.

Professionalism: All of my customers and clients are served in a professional manner.

Expertise: With my combined 35 years experience, I provide the highest degree of professional expertise in all services to not just meet my clients’ expectations but to exceed them.

Sales Techniques: I believe that sales should be the result of diligent service and promise to always work in the best interest of each of my clients, honestly and ethically.

I am very involved in the community and demonstrate my dedication through my involvement with, and commitment to, Hospice Georgina and The Friends of the Georgina Public Library. I am an avid supporter of many community events and I believe in giving back to my community, my neighbours, and my friends.